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Push notification if detected a door is already open at 23:00?


(Robert) #1

A neighbor the other day was out in their garage, went inside but never came out and closed their garage. Luckily we saw it and let them know but if we hadn’t, they might have lost some things, or worse.

I have a simple Open/Close sensor on my garage. I’m looking for an app that runs at 23:00 and checks that sensor. If it’s open, send a notification. If it opens after 23:00 also send a notification.

I’ve found how to do the second half easily, but I don’t see anything that will check at 23:00 and if it’s open, send a notification.


Core can do this:

(Robin) #3

Here is an example using CoRE:

Personally I have mine fire every 10 minutes, if I ever left it open till 23:00 I would have 12 homos moved in already and nothing left to steal!!!

(Robert) #4

How do you get to that point in the GUI? I added the repo in the site and can edit code which I’m not ready to do yet.


(Dana ) #5


Couldn’t he include the garage door sensor as a watched sensor in SHM, and the enable Armed Home status via the Good Night routine? Then if the garage door opens, or if it’s already open when he runs “Good Night,” he’ll get a notification. Could set SHM to run at 11:00 each night if doesn’t want to have to remember to run it.

(Robin) #6

You don’t need to edit any code.

If you have added the GitHub integration successfully you now just need to do the following:

  • click on the apps icon in the ST app (middle icon, bottom of screen)
  • click on smartapps (top right)
  • scroll down and click on ‘+ add a smartapp’
  • scroll down and click on ‘my apps’

You should now see CoRE (if you setup the repository integration correctly). Click on it to install and then say goodbye to the next week / month of your life!

(jkp) #7

There is also an app that may suit your needs.

(Robin) #8

No that wouldn’t work, SHM responds to a change of state, it won’t check states when first activated.

(Dana ) #9

Thanks, I wasn’t aware of that limitation.

(Robert) #10

I’m wondering if I’m looking in the right place.

  1. I opened the SmartThings (ST) app.
  2. I click on “Automation” at the bottom
  3. Click on “SmartApps” in the top right
  4. Scroll to the very bottom and click on “Add a SmartApp”
  5. Scroll to the very bottom to “+More” ( There is no “my apps” )

There is no option for CoRE, My Apps or anything else.

(Robin) #11

Then you haven’t installed CoRE properly using the online IDE.

Rather than using GitHub integration, for now just try copy and paste.

(Out of interest, are you in the UK or US? What URL are you following to access the online IDE?)

Anyway, go to the CoRE GitHub page and copy the raw code.

  • log into the IDE
  • go to locations and click on your home location name (if it asks you to log in again you were using the wrong IDE website (SHARD) for your location (hence question above)… Maybe have another go at GitHub Integration)
  • Go to my smartapps
  • select ‘new smartapp’ green button
  • Select ‘from code’
  • paste code
  • click ‘create’ at bottom of page
  • click save at top of page
  • click publish > for me at top of page

Now look again in the ST app for ‘my apps’

(Robert) #12

OK, those instructions were in the SmartThings app on my phone. Im in the US and when I access the IDE the only link I found ( no idea how I found it ) is

(Robert) #13

That code is already there, I can see it in the IDE. In the ST App, I don’t have a “my apps” option even.

(Robin) #14

Have you clicked publish > for me when viewing the code?

(Robin) #15

Have you tried going to ‘my locations’ and clicking on your home location to see if it asks you to login again?

(Robin) #16

(Robert) #18

Ok, it did not ask me to log in a second time.

I’m an idiot, I did not hit publish as I was thinking I didn’t want it public, when I did I saw the “For Me” and the My apps is there with the CoRE engine.

(Robin) #19

Certainly not… Easy mistake to make and come to think of it, I thought the same thing when I setup my first smartapp!

It’s a lengthy process to get apps published publicly, you don’t need to worry :wink:

Glad you’re up-and-running… Now you just need to figure out the complexities of CoRE itself!!

(Robert) #20

It’s actually pretty nice. I have 2 conditions:
Time is between 6;20PM MST and 5:00AM MST which is correctly evaluating to T/F depending on the test times I set

Sensor - Garagedoor sensor is true.
* This one is not evaluating correctly. If the door is either open or closed, it is evaluating as false. Even though the smart things app itself does register the connection correctly.

If that works, I then have a push notification I’ll get next.

(Dana ) #21

@RobinWinbourne: I just played with SHM, and discovered it does appear to notice and alert you if you arm SHM when one of the monitored doors is already open. I get a push message on the SHM screen and a text indicating that SHM is armed, but the door is open.

Do you see a different behavior?