Push framework


I am trying to debug a notification issue with my wife’s phone and was wondering if anyone knows if GCM is still used for Android notifications with the new version? Seeing some strange inconsistency in pushes from different services including smatthings and wondering if that could be the reason.


Yes, absolutely it is. If you suspect a problem with GCM, there are manual workarounds that can be done on rooted devices. The easiest solution though is to just uninstall and then reinstall the ST app on the device in question (works regardless of root status).

I developed an app called SharpTools which you might be able to use to help debug the issue. SharpTools provides widgets and Tasker integration for SmartThings on Android, but it also uses GCM for push events.

In order to get events coming across the wire, you’ll need to long-press on any of your devices in SharpTools and choose the attribute you want to subscribe to. To get the debug notifications showing up, you’ll need to enable debug notifications in SharpTools settings (and you can even watch the events getting triggered in the IDE Live Logging).