Push buttons to select light scene for Lifx bulbs?

Any device which can work as what SmartThings calls a “button controller” can do this in some fashion, although I don’t know if it can directly trigger an LIFX scene or if you have to individually define the settings. That depends on the LIFX integration, and I’m not familiar with those details.

Button controllers work by sending a message to the hub, which then sends a message to the device. ( or in the case of cloud to cloud integrations, the hub would send a message via the cloud)

For this reason the button device doesn’t have to be the same protocol as the end device. You can also create groups of devices with different protocols, for example, having a single button press turn on a group consisting of some LIFX bulbs, AZ wave pocket socket, and some Hue lightstrips if you liked. There are several different button controller devices that can be used.

That includes the SC7, which is quite popular in the community even though it’s not on the official compatibility list.

Also most devices in the remote and buttons FAQ:

Some of the Leviton models can work and some can’t. You can search the forums for the specific models that you’re interested in.

The one that you linked to, the Leviton VRCS4, can work as a button controller.

But the very similar looking Leviton VRCz4 cannot.

If you do want to use the scene feature provided by the manufacturer for Hue or LIFX, rather than setting up the individual bulb settings in a SmartThings smart app, then you might indeed need to use IFTTT. That can introduce some additional lag, though. So most people prefer to do it through a smartapp although the UI may not be as elegant.

Anyway, the point is just that yes, the two devices you linked to can be used as “button controllers” to initiate commands via SmartThings to LIFX bulbs. And you can definitely group commands to LIFX bulbs with commands to other SmartThings-controlled devices like the light strips.

But I don’t know if they can trigger specific LIFX scenes or if you would have to set the bulb values individually inside of SmartThings or use the buttons to trigger IFTTT and control the scenes that way.

Hopefully someone who is familiar with LIFX and smartthings will be able to answer that part of the question. :sunglasses: