Push button? - I don't know how to explain it

Hi all, any one know how to create a push button in smart things?

It’s for my garage door where I just push a button and the door opens /shuts.

I was going to hot wire the switch on the circuit board with a smart relay.

New to all this so sorry if appears a silly question.

I have a small push button on a pcb that I want to incorporate into smart things

Have a look at the Momentary capability (Allows for the control of a momentary switch device).

Thank you, haven’t got a bottle of glue want that means

Maybe this will help : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QJgYJfNKRI

Not sure if you’ve got a complete design for your project complete yet or not… If not, you may want to simply use my ST_Anything Project which already easily handles garage doors.