Publishing stopped working

I have been working on device code and noticed the errors posting to the log didn’t match the code I had published. I returned to the “My Device Types” page and it says the device code is “Edited” meaning it has not been published.

So I return to the code page and publish. It says “published” but the code still doesn’t match the behavior. Returning the the “My Device Types” page it still says Edited.

I can’t figure out how to fix publish. Has this happened to anyone else ?

Doing more testing I found if I exit the ide, login fresh, open my code the changes I made are gone.
Made the changes again. Saved (message that save was successful displays) exit to “My Device Types” return to code…code missing again. It isn’t saving my changes.

Something is seriously wrong with the ide and the logging today.

Now I managed to get my code updated by pulling the changes from my github repo. Annoying but it worked.

When I test I get output to the live logging randomly. I can take the same action 10 times and the log results come out 4 out of 10. Making it imposible for me to debug my code as I work on it.

I really hope things get better soon. We were always told our issue were not being addressed because they were busy with improving V2 code. Well V2 is mess so what is the excuse now ?