Publish SmartApps for private users

I’m in the final stages for completing my SmartApp.
I would like to let my friends/coworkers to test the SmartApps before releasing to Publish for Everything.
Currently I can only publish to Me, therefore only one account can test the SmartApp.

Any ideas or support?

If I understand your question, as long as they each have a SmartThings account they can just copy and paste your code into their account’s library. So each of your friends does a “publish to me” for themselves using a copy of your code.

This isn’t an option for closed source SmartApps.

We need SmartThings (@slagle @jody.albritton) to provide a fast-track publish process to a list of users for Beta test purposes.


The copy and paste solution works, unless you have ‘app settings’ stored for secure values, which is the problem I’m facing. It would be great to be able to send out an ‘invite only’ link to certain people, to grant them access to the app, whether this is for testing or for final release, where the smartapp writer wishes only a certain audience to use the app (for security reasons).

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