Protect grill from theft

You could use a SmartThings Multisensor that can detect vibrations. Stick it underneath one of the shelves.


Its not Z-Wave Certified, but it might help!



agreed, a lock and chain makes more sense.


You could probably put a contact sensor someone on a bottom edge and a magnet on a rock or something underneath or to the side.

But the anchor idea is good. Can you pour something like a fence post hole and embed a bolt to which you could attach a chain? That might be a little ghetto, but effective.

What kind of Weber is it?

+1 for lock and chain.

But you could get a Ecolink Contact and attach a wire to the remote senor creating a loop. If it is moved you will be alerted. Need to make sure it is waterproof.

Another option is a tilt sensor on the bottom. If anyone tries to move it, that will most likely fire.

The Smarthings multi-purpose sensor has vibration, and orientation. That on the bottom would definitely fire if someone was rolling it away.

You can be alerted to the grill moving, but as others have mentioned, but how much good would that do you? If you’re at the office or it’s late at night, it’s unlikely you could do anything to prevent the theft.

If the grill has wheels, the safest thing is to wheel it to a lock up shed. Of course you have to wait for it to completely cool before you can do that each time.

Barring that, antitheft cable anchored to cement and take the wheels off the grill. At least that makes it harder to steal and they may move onto an easier target. And keep it covered with just some generic patio cover so again, it calls less attention to itself.

Ha, I was waiting for this!


To clarify, simply being alerted of its movement would be enough. I realize now protect wasn’t the best choice of word. Unfortunately I cannot chain it to anything because I do not own the townhome and cannot alter the surrounding structure. My worry with the multisensor would be freezing temperatures or moisture.

It’s a Weber Genesis E-310 (Lowe’s edition). Got it on sale for 14% off plus I used a 10% off promo code.

Thanks. I am going to start researching these options!

If you need a more weatherproof sensor, the Kumo wireless tags are much more weatherproof. But you need to buy both their ethernet bridge (one Bridge can support up to 40 sensors) and a tag. The bridges about $60 and the tags run about $40 each.

There’s a good community-created smartthings integration:

Or you can just use their IFTTT channel.

Also, since you can’t drill into your patio, go to your garden center or Home Depot and get a stone or concrete (non-flammable) bench or planter, something that is heavy and might take two people to move, and then chain the grill to that. (Also take the wheels off the grill)

Again, you’re just trying to make it awkward enough that potential thieves would move on to somebody else’s stuff.

Make sure the anchor object is completely non-flammable. Many jurisdictions have codes making it unlawful to chain a grill to a wooden or burnable object.

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I’d be slightly more concerned that someone would steal the propane tank. Lugging it in and out of the house all the time might become rather tiresome. Plus, who wants a propane tank in the house?

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A simple contact sensor with a normally closed wire loop connected to the grill. You could just loop the contact wire around a leg above a cross bar, move the grill, break the loop, sensor alert. The sensor could be in the house safe from the outside environment with the sensor loop running out the door or through a wall.

I believe this is Z-wave Plus, Plus, Plus :grin:, and could easily be adapted for your grill. You’ll find the DH in the Market Place under “Yo, WTF U tryin’ to do with my grill?”.

The good thing about using the SmartThings multi-purpose sensor is it will tell you when the grill is up to temperature :smiley:

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This could be adapted to work and works for bananna’s :slight_smile: Trunk Monkey

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Don’t it think it will run high enough. That would be a super cool value add though.

You could use a ST presence sensor to tell you when it’s left. :wink:

X1: If the worst happens and your grill gets stolen, can you can track it down and perhaps catch the theives? Maybe - if you first attached a Tile Mate.

Tile Mate: A $20 GPS Tracker, with a free app. It’s waterproof. Simply paint it black and attach it to the grill with waterproof permanent adhesive, in a well-hidden place. (Not where it would get hot.) If your grill ever gets stolen, simply login to the Tile App and find its location on the GPS map - even if it’s miles away. The beauty of the Tile App is - thousands of people use Tile, and the Tiles within range of your Tile will automatically map its location. I hope this helps!

(not an affiliate link/I’m only a Tile customer)