Propane leak detector

Summary: Detector for propane leak to be placed at low point within a house/cabin heated by propane.

Context: In the Sierra, many cabins used as second homes are heated with propane. Many owners drain their cabin and turn off the furnace when they leave. Before coming back for a weekend, one wants to turn the furnace on remotely, but make sure that there is no a propane leak. At Donner Summit (732" snow fall in a winter is not uncommon), one cabin explodes every three years due to propane leak caused by weight of ice on propane pipe.

Hard wire a spark plug to a Z-wave outlet. Install a motion detector a number of yards from the Cabin. Turn on the outlet from a distance and see if motion happens. If not, then probably no propane leak. :smile:

Seriously though I’ve not heard of anything, and a quick search wasn’t turning up any option.

A suggestion, though: I believe it’s the schlage open/close sensor that as wired inputs. I know someone here rigged up his smoke detector to a schlage open/close. When the smoke alarm went off it tripped the open/close sensor. If you can find a propane sensor that has outputs, maybe you could do the same thing? Not as nice as an all in one unit, of course, but a possibility.

Easily done!
Hook one of these LPG sensors (or one like it) to a MIMOlite’s dry contact input. Alternatively connect it to a RS100HC’s inputs.

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