PROMO: DIY Smart Home Online Course for just $15

Learn how to set up a Smart Home from scratch, use common Smart Devices and Smart Things in this step-by-step online course for just $15.

Please use the link below to claim the promotional offer.

Quick overview video:

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??? Is this a course on how to use Smart Things? Really ?

I mean, i understand people trying to sell apps, but this is selling a “training” course, on how to use it.

I don’t know, seems incredibly fishy to me.

Not necessarily fishy, just OP’s attempt to monetize this smart home tutorial website he has (whatever his credentials are). @nitinc9 seems to exist only to link to posts on his own site. And since this is a forum mostly for power users of ST, not super likely to be useful to many. And for newbies, they can get help for free, so maybe not so useful for anyone really.

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Yes, exactly it is a forum for power users, and he is posting that is why it seemed fishy to me. I can understand attempting to monetize by writing SmartApps, or device handlers and possibly even professional installation of it, but just setting up SmartThings. I just don’t know.

Depends on your general level of suspicion for fishiness I guess. Is he stealing credit cards that way? Maybe. Probably more likely just a lame tutorial not worth anything close to $15.

With due respect to everyone, this is a genuine course to help Smart Home beginners learn how to set up Smart Home from scratch. When I started my Smart Home setup, there was lack of structured information on how to go about it, which is what this course aims to deliver. As simple as that.

As far as the forum is concerned, I had originally posted it under Smart Things General category. But, I believe an admin or some power community user moved it to this forum under Deals.

Hope that clarifies.

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You’ll earn more respect and gain exposure and traction in this Community if you participate interactively and actively in a variety of topics and roles, rather than just posting a product.

As a “tutor”, for example, you probably could have answered a lot of novices questions over the past year and a half…?


My point exactly. @tgauchat develops a product that costs $ but he also posts frequently in this community about all manner of stuff. So personally I have no problem with that. This forum isn’t intended to be primarily an advertising platform for anybody.

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It’s being offered through which is a legit site for short course offerings of various qualities. So I don’t think anybody has to worry about their credit card number being stolen – – I don’t believe the people teaching individual courses get access to that information.

The instructor for this course is also offering a money back guarantee, which I think udemy would back.

I’ve taken a couple of different courses at udemy. The quality varies a lot, because every instructor is basically in business for themselves, but I think the process of collecting payment for a course is legit.

These days, most communities have Smart Home courses of this type, just taught by local people through local recreation departments, community centers, etc.

I can’t speak to the value of this particular one for any particular person, and the syllabus was missing a couple of the things that I personally would look for, but I don’t see any harm in it’s being offered. If you want to ask the OP more questions about it that seems reasonable, but otherwise if you don’t think it’s a good fit for you, fair enough. Just ignore it. :sunglasses:

(btw, I’m the one who moved it to the deals category. It’s not a general SmartThings topic. Since it’s just a link to a commercial offering, and it had a discount, DEALS seems like the right place for it. If there had been more content other than the paid offering, I might’ve moved it to projects. But as it is, deals seems like the best fit.)


Thank you @tgauchat for your feedback. Unfortunately, I have not had a chance to stay as active in the community as I would like to. But, I did want to share my learnings via this course.

Thank you @JDRoberts for further clarification. Yes, “Deals” does look like the right forum to me as well. I just didn’t see it in the original description of top-level forums. Otherwise, I would have posted it here. I appreciate you moving it to the right place.

Have a good day everyone!

  • Nitin
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I myself was thinking of creating how to topics on here. To allow people to see where to start and have a guide so as to not flood other topics with people asking the same questions. These would be in pretty good detail and updated in original post so someone could hopefully just read first post and will have a pretty good grasp of what it is. Plus anyone posting a github code could just link the topic of how to add to your ide instead of having to type out the whole explanation.
Possible topics could be:

  1. What is the IDE and how to properly log into your hub location. to add codes to IDE either via copy and paste or from repo. to add a device depending on brand (iris, centralite, ge switch, xiaomi, etc)
    4.basic code editing like how to change your tile colors or image.
    Any other ideas?

Sounds good, but personally I’d recommend putting it in the community – created wiki rather than in the forum.

The wiki is much easier to search, much easier to update, and you don’t have a problem that we have here where eventually topics can no longer be edited.

Anyone can add new wiki articles, and there is a how-to section in the wiki, so that would be a good place to start:

Category:How To - Things That Are Smart Wiki

Also, there’s already an FAQ on how to add custom code. :wink:

It’s also available in the wiki.

But we’re getting pretty far off topic for this thread. I suggest you start a new discussion thread in the “meta” section of the forum so you can get more feedback. :sunglasses:

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