Progress of a newbi

 Well I figure I'll write this for my own good and maybe get ideas and feed back.  I received the ST for x-mass.  Ok cool now what.  Well it started with getting a GE smart dimmer for a single light.  Oh crap I got a paddle switch and all my house switches are toggles.   Oh well I like the paddle look better.  So back to the store to get two more regular paddle switches and a plate as its a 3 gang box.  Now on to install.  Wiring part was easy and I have no problems there of course I do have neutral wires avaliable.  

So switch is installed everything is good to go. Turn on app. At a thing and poof there it is. Add it turn it on and off all happy

First thing I did was set up a routine so that light turns on when my ST switches from away to home. Ok great now what. Back to the store. 2 more dimmer switches and a motion.
These went in my restroom. Both light and fan come on when entering. Light turns off after you leave and fan stays on for 8 minutes. Simple to do with smartapp.

Ok let’s do another light. Oh crap it’s a three way switch. Back to the store but realized if I chamge one I have to chamge a 4 gang box and three gang box so I come home with 4 GE dimmers and to slaves. Ok wife gonna be pissed. Almost 500 dollars in switches and lights with in first week. Did I mention ever switch I got I choose to change CFL bulbs to leds. So 17 bulbs later and 6 switches I have front half of house coming along. The wallet isn’t happy but it’s fun anyways. Now I’m here today and just figured out how to get CoRE on the app. Not sure how to use it yet but all the stuff I read it seems like it will be usefull once I learn more.

So I’ll keep up with this as I add things not sure what I want next. Thermostat? Garge door opener? Or should I keep doing lights till whole house is done.

Ok so I have not added anything new but with a little bit of patience and the help of community I do have 7 different CoRE apps active and working the way I wanted. Basically I have one that when myself or wife arrive a light turns on and then dims to off after 15 minutes.

The other 6 are all the same really. I have a motion sensor in may living area of traffic. Usually my wife puts kid to bed around 730 so I set up any lights that happen to be on and there’s no motion to dim to 15 percent. Usually that means I’m relaxing watching tv.

The only other thing is same as above but a lamp that is plugged into smart switch will now shut off 15 minutes of no motion.


So last night I went to add a three way dimmer and ran into lack of neutral. As it was getting late I put the two original switches back in. Today after pulling the meter out I was able to make it work. The electrician had it wired in way I was able to make it work. I also added a motion sensor to my bedroom that will turn lights on dim in main living area first thing in the morning when someone activates it. I now have several CoRE things running but I don’t like that my activity feed is all clogged up. Seems when my CoRE piston that’s reacts to motion at certain hours reacts everytime thee is motion. Now the pistons do exactly what its suppose to when its suppose to but I lilke to look at my activity feed to see when my dog is spotted moving around in the house and no have to go though all the core events that show up.

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Sounds like you’re making great progress. Good job!

Ok so the last two days have been strange. Both my phone and wife’s phone have been acting strange as presence sensor started they both would act up at the same time. It. Home away home away randomly all day long. Read and read and tried and tried. Mine is now stable with life 360. Wife’s was stable till acting up again tonight. Will add life 360 to hers later…

So next thing I noticed is my core pistons stoped working. Activity says there were but nothing happened. I had to go into them and make one chamge to each one in order to get them working right. They were time based pistons so I changed the time by 1 minute is 7 pistons and they appear to be working now. So frustrated today.

Well as of late I worked out a few of my bugs. Most wernt bugs more like my misuderstanding. I have added an Alexa and that has been a great feature to get the wife more excited. I also picked up a hue bridge and put some led lights behind my tv. Playing with Ifttt and hue stuff is proving to be fun. Alexa adds a great demension to it all. I plan on adding the ask alexa to smartthings when I have some time and patients to follow all directions.