Programmatically Viewing Schedules in SmartApp

Is there a way to programmatically get scheduler information? Basically for the app I am writing I want to be able to display it’s scheduled job in the app, not just in the IDE.

I am attempting to write an app that let’s me schedule actions to happen based on a schedule. I think there are lots of apps that do this kind of thing, but I can’t find one that will let me execute Routines. I know routines lets you execute at a time, but only a single time. I want to say run this routine at the following times: X, Y, Z. If you know of an app, I’d gladly just use it. I use CoRE for a bunch of automation, but I don’t think it will easily do this. Let me know if I am wrong.

I also would rather not create a copy of a routine just to have this feature as it would make my routines page unusable.

I should note that I have read over the following page which had a lot of information about scheduling jobs, but nothing (that I can see) about viewing the schedule other than through the IDE.