Program round up

Because there isn’t a way to submit apps yet for others to browse (short of starting a new program and then browsing code) I thought it might be good to share here what you’re working on and what you’ve done. I find it fun to see what other people are doing and it sometimes sparks ideas of my own.

Personally I’ve just been playing around with stuff… nothing too complex compared to some of the programs I see out there. But for what it’s worth:

  1. Turn on and off on a schedule - Just turns a switch or outlet on or off based on what times you enter.
  2. Turn on when Open, Only at Night. - A modification of the Turn On When Open. It does the same thing, but only during a time you enter.
  3. Virtual Garage triggers outlet - If you use the virtual garage door sensor for open/close, you can tap the tile. This tells an outlet or switch to turn on and then turn off 4 seconds later.
  4. Turn on or off together - Turn two or more switches into a sort of 3-way setup. When you turn any one switch in the group on, they all go on. Turn any one off, they all go off.