Program command from aGE12722 Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control On/Off Switch

I currently use a ISY994 controller (as I still have some old X-10 items). I have about 20 ZWAve switches connected and I have several programs to run lights on a schedule or to run as pairs (one light switch sets another light switch on/off.
The programs work fine when initiated on the computer or on the smartphone. However, when initiated on the light switch itself, (while the switch will perform fine on the light wired to the switch) the switch does not always connects to the controller. In other words, I almost never have a problem connecting from the controller to the switch, but often have a problem connecting from the switch to the controller.
Therefore, in these cases the program (to switch on or off switch B when I click on switch A) does not work.
ISY tells me that this is not a problem of their controller but due to a restricted patent of the light switches.
Has anyone encountered this same issue on Smartthings ? Would this be resolved with a Enerwave ZWN-SC7-W Z-Wave Wireless 7-Button Scene Controller, which is currently not compatible with the ISY994 controller ?