Product suggestion needed: ways to control an exterior light on a detached garage

Hello, I am hoping for a product suggestion or two to solve an automation issue. I have an iris system, but no other automation in the house other than a garage door opener.

I have a detached garage with exterior lightly along a driveway, wired to a switch. As you can imagine, it is a pain to go from the house, outside, open the huge garage door, to turn on exterior lights for when guests arrive at night, etc.

I’d like to be able to control that light switch, or those lights, from inside the house. Just looking for suggestions from experts. Thanks!

This is not a Lowes Iris forum. Although some devices may be interchangeable the systems will vary greatly in supported devices and configuration.

GE light switches seem to be the go to, but I don’t know if they’re supported by Iris. Plus they’re expensive.


@kevinhtre use a Iris compatible switch and replace the switch for the garage iight. As @keithcroshaw noted this forum is about SmartThings which is a different product than IRIS. But the same logic for this operation applies. You should just need a compatible switch (which I know GE will work), One important thing, you need to verify that the Garage wiring has a proper neutral line, otherwise the switch will not work. There are other switches that will work without a neutral but I am not sure if that will work with the IRIS system

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