Product improvement hopefully (custom slider bar)

If anyone from Samsung is reading this… Can you please tell your programmers to redesign the user experience of dimming a light in the app? I ALWAYS end up turning the light on and off while trying to fine tune the light level by using the tiny slider. More often than not I end up tapping outside the bounds of the scroll control and the light turns off. Do we really need half the screen as a tap area to turn it on and off? Can we restrict it to the icon in the middle and give the slider its own space? Thank you…

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I’m talking about the default handler in the app for any light (with a dimmer) you add. Not something I’ve developed myself.

Oh… Are you saying I can tweak the code for the default handler and then somehow upload it and use it ? :slight_smile: I didn’t know we can do that!

What I’d like to change is the default handler for a GE dimmer switch for example… or any light with a dimmer really.

The one on my phone looks like the bottom screenshot you posted, by the way.

I’ve used it to deploy custom apps written by members here and to occasionally add a custom device handler. I’m on the west coast, in Las Vegas.

You can definitely do that, but only the stock versions will run locally, so that’s just something to be aware of.

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