Product Changes for 2017

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Just a heads up you might want to check all of your Smartthings products batteries. I decided to start doing that and here is the inside of the first device I checked.

(Paul) #202

Was that device reporting a zero battery level?


Is there a way to check battery level? My V2 hub had corrosion and I just cleaned up and replaced with enerloop NiMH batteries, which will normally not corrode like alkaline, even though voltage will be slightly less. Also anyway to check exactly when they did update? My linear garage door no longer works and it seems like a common problem in last few days.

(j w) #204

@slagle So this post specifically says that there won’t be a v1 to v2 migration tool. What it doesn’t say is that there will never be any migration tool. Is there hope that maybe there will be a v2 to v2 tool (for when hubs break, and they will break sometime), or a v2 to vnext tool? Or should this post be read that no migration tools whatsoever will be coming? Thx.

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Here’s one I’m using, with just a cable modem, router and ST hub on it I get many hours of backup and uninterrupted internet and connectivity around the house. And for me it’s was important to be small and silent. It also has a USB port that I plug into my Tomato router which can read the battery levels and take actions accordingly.

(DavidK) #207

Here is another suggestion if you are only backing up 3 low power devices. So for example, cable modem, router and smartthings hub.

Converting from battery DC power to AC power in these kinds of devices is very wasteful, so this unit with a much smaller battery has almost as long backup time as a larger unit due to how it generates the right kind of current and voltage.

If you do need to backup something like a computer then this is NOT the solution. But for three small things, like cable modem, router and smartthings it is listed on Amazon for $29 right now.

(Never Trust @bamarayne) #208

I am confused. That device in the amazon link is also a AC-DC-AC system for the UPS, it’s just specialty build for lower powered devices.

Still has the same inefficiencies.

I thought based on your description it would be a AC-DC-DC type system.

(DavidK) #209

Total time is not as directly tied to load as one might expect, because of constant loss to power conversion.

If you take one of the big UPSs, that is rated, for example, at 3 hours for a computer and stuff, but instead plug in a very small load, you are still only going to get around 3 hours, not a lot more time as one might expect.

The small ones lose less power because they are converting less power as they are intended for small devices.

One time when we had a power outage, I had assumed that plugging in just a cell phone into a large UPS would get me over night charging of cell phone. But I only got a few hours due to constant loss due to power conversion.

The small model that does include 2 USB ports is currently 3 x the cost at $90.

the description for this unit does NOT state if there is any increases in time using just the USB ports.

That is the unit that I actually have that I got on sale, I got 3.

I do not use the USB ports.


As i posted in other tread:

I really don’t understand Smartthings decision of neglecting the Windows 10 UWP platform.
There is a tablet support now for android and iOS, why not simply port this to UWP and expand the support to 2-in-1 tablets with Windows 10?
There are almost 500 million devices running WIndows 10 and the marketshare for windows tablets is around 16% and increasing.
Maybe they can even support Windows 10 Mobile again with this ported UWP app and make us windows mobile users happy again.
Is a short vision look only to the mobile (smartphones) portion of users to stop supporting an entire platform.

Despite the comments saying “no one developing windows UWP apps” and “no one uses the store”, we have some recent examples of big players coming to the platform, like iTunes and Spotify.

(Robin) #211

Looks like ST made the right move in diverting resources away from Windows Mobile!!

Can’t say I’m surprised!

(Steve White) #212

Nobody, even die hard Windows Phone users can claim to be surprised about this news. UWP apps were a great concept but once which was not easy, nor cost effective to deliver. Consider that Microsoft was subsidizing many independent developers to write for the platform. WP was on life support from the day it was born.


At least we have some news, Microsoft will natively support Smartthings through Cortana:

The question is when it will come to who do not live in the United States