Procrastinating for clean, fresh install

Hello everyone,

I started getting into smart home devices late 2017. But I’m still not savvy about smart home setup. I’m more of a consumer who relies on following steps and “plug and play” , rather than tweaking everything or venturing on my own into this intimidating world of IoT.

So I’ve been procrastinating and waiting for the full version of next Gen smartthings to arrive, rather than test the waters with the beta system. I was hoping that just jumping into the new transition afresh would be easier than trying to figure out how the beta system works (which is too overwhelming for my mind to wrap around).

I have a few DTH stuff, but my devices are mainly focused on locks and sensors.

So (having this longwinded winding explanation to excuse myself), I would like to ask whether I made a mistake or I’m still good for switching over to Edge drivers for my hub and devices after the Groovy-Edge transition has been completed a week ago.

There’s still hope for me, yes?


My advice is that if things are working as you expect, don’t mess with it. Devices on DTH will be or have been migrated to Edge drivers. You can check if your devices have been migrated using either 1) the ST app; 2) the ST Advanced Web App; or the community developed ST API Browser+.


Thanks for the practical advice!

Follow up question:

So when I go to look up a device for which driver it’s using, do I have to see the word “Edge” to confirm that the device is updated with the new system?


No, the legacy groovy device handlers will appear as DTH in the ST advanced web qpp but Edge Drivers simply show the driver name.

in the ST app, if you open a device tile, click on the 3 dots…if you see “Driver” then the device is using an Edge driver.

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Ok. So my ST Hub’s been offline for reasons I can’t figure out.

So, you’re saying DTH does not/ will not show a driver at the corner 3 dot menu.

All I remember seeing on most devices is stock z wave by SmartThings/Samsung when I take a look into Driver.

When using the ST app:

  • devices using Edge drivers will see Driver listed when you tap the 3 dots when viewing the device tile.
  • devices that may still be using DTH (at this point) or any device using an integrated service will NOT display Driver when you tap on the 3 dots.

In Advanced Web App or Browser+ API:

  • devices using an Edge driver will show the name of the Edge driver
  • devices using legacy DTH will display as DTH

For your hub being offline for a week… can you provide more details? That was not in your first post. My first advice: don’t reset your hub. There have been some users reporting the difficulty with adding their hub back after a reset.

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My hub’s only been off for a few days I believe over last weekend.

I’m going to give a simple example for one device.

Right now, I’m looking at a Zooz ZSE18 Motion Sensor on my ST app.

I can click on the driver and this is what I have

^and these are similar for most my sensor devices.

And I cannot select any other drivers.

My observations from browsing on the Internet, it looks like there are various independent edge update solutions (not necessarily “official” edge updates or 3rd party DTHs) that require “invitation”(?) –

And these invitations to these apparently Samsung edge update solutions, they seem to require paid subscriptions(?) (I’m thinking of some YouTube creators.) … (I might be wrong.)

There are lots of community written Edge Drivers and all but a few are free to use.

The inventions are posted in the ST community. You can use the search tool at the top of the page. Include Edge in your search description and sort by most recent.

Or post a list of problem devices and people will try to steer to in the right direction.

Hear is a link for you ZSE18 and other Zooz devices.

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There is a Zooz Edge driver topic.

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Thank you all! :pray:

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Edge drivers can be either “stock” (provided by Samsung to all customers as part of a hub firmware update) or “custom.”

Most custom edge drivers are written by individual community members and shared freely. Some are part of paid subscriptions.

All custom edge drivers are installed in the same way.

You get a link to the author’s “channel.” For the free versions, this will usually be found in the author’s discussion thread in this forum. For the paid version, you will get the link from the author.

When you follow that link, you can subscribe one of your hubs to that channel and select the specific edge drivers that you want downloaded to that hub. This can take a few hours, but it usually happens right away.

Once the custom edge driver is downloaded to your hub, you can then change a device to use that edge driver by clicking on the device tile for the device in the SmartThings app, then choosing the details, then selecting from the list of available drivers that you have already downloaded to your hub.

Usually the quickest way to find custom edge drivers is to use the quick browse lists in the community-created wiki. These are divided by device class, so there is one list for sensors, one list for lights, etc.

There is also a section which lists the official channels for manufacturers which have provided one. Zooz has a channel listed there.

There’s also a community created FAQ on edge Drivers, which explains all of this in more detail plus how to determine which drivers are already on your hub and pretty much any question you might have about edge drivers. It sounds like that might clear up some of the confusion. :sunglasses:

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

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