Problems with the IDE

I just bought a IRIS motion detector. Bought another yesterday and it works great. I set that one up as a SmartSense Motion/Temp Device.

Trying tonight to do the same thing, but strange things are happening. When I login, I see the device. When I click it to edit, the IDE forces me to log in again. When I assign the device type, again the IDE forces me to login. When I then click on the Update button, I get a 500 internal error. I was able to assign my hub and save that, but can’t assign a new device type to it without getting this error.

Is anyone else having problems with the IDE? I just setup my Harmony Hub with ST if that makes a difference.

Sorry, not seeing that problem. I don’t know if this applies to you, but if you use SmartTiles and have it open in the browser, you’ll want to close out of that while you’re working in the IDE.


@Carinda, I think I love you. You hit the nail on the head. I did have SmartTiles open. Once closed, everything worked perfect. Thank you. :smile:


SmartThings only allows one distinct login Session per browser.

You can try to run SmartTiles in an incognito / private tab, or a different brand of browser for the other session.

:blush: Ah, well, just speaking from experience
You’re very welcome

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