Problems with the app since Nov 2017 update?

Hi Guys, just popped along to ask if there is an issue with the app or something as I am getting screens showing ‘Somethings Wrong’ ‘We can’t load your screen right now’ which has only came about since the firmware update? I’ve also had it where it’s shown the ‘Home Solutions’ box but the favorites one has needed to be reloaded.

Check for the .1 version of the update. It seems to have fixed that on mine.

The iOS app version I have is 2.10.0 (1424) and the hub firmware is 000.019.00017

It should be 2.10.1.

They have only released 2.10.1 for android. iOS is still 2.10.0

Any idea’s when 2.10.1 is coming for iOS? It is my iPhone 8 Plus that I use for control so it’s a bit of a pain.

It does the same with the new Android update, so I would not worry too much.
It worked until the latest update, now every time I open the app, it fails to load the dashboard properly and has notification errors everytime i click something, yet it does all work