Problems with my GE Switches

Well thanks. That gives me hope. I am getting use to the dimmer feature but I do have rooms that it probably won’t work well. I will give it another shot.

Figured this one out. The fix is only for Smart Apps because you can edit those files. Replace any that you have in the file with this command, settings.MultilevelSwitch?.setLevel(99). GE Dimmers will just pop right on.

@realsol Did you create a SmartApp to change the dimmer levels? I have a Z-wave remote and I’ve been able to program the levels w/ my remote. I was planning on writing a smart app to go change the levels but I haven’t had the time yet.

I assume you are talking about the dimming speed. I understand unless your hub supports this feature, which SmartThings does not, that a remote is the only way to adjust this setting.

No, I haven’t written an app yet. This is not my language. I have been a software developer for 25 years now but been too lazy to learn Java. Anyhow, just now working on sample apps, but I wouldn’t share them yet. I did find that if you are writing an app for a dimmer, instead of calling switch.on(), if you call switch.setLevel(99) it basically turns on like a standard on/off dimmer.

@realsol It is just a Z-wave parameter, same as controlling the light indicator status for the different switches and being able to adjust that. I just haven’t had time, but I’ll see if I can make it and put it in there. You should be able to adjust the z-wave parameters the same as the light indicator status.

Yeah, it is just changing the level and I did work with that on a Smart App, adjusting the ramping rates and levels should be the same as changing indicator status.

I write software as well, I’m just curious what have you been writing in if you haven’t touched Java. I do a lot of .NET development.

I sell software for pulling credit reports that I sell to banks, credit unions, collection companies …

I have the GE Smart Dimmer 12724

When I turn it on/off with the switch on the wall its slow to turn on and slower off. The switch is just turning on a real outlet hook to a lamp (non-zwave). Does this switch still use ST even when using the switch on the wall without the app? I don’t know why it so slow.

I have been slowly automating my house. Yesterday I installed two Garadget controllers and two GE smart switches to control my outside porch and roof lights. I installed them properly according to instructions given in the manual. They are in separate bays with two other three way switches. The LED of the switches behave just opposite to each other. One lights up when the switch is on and the other lights up when the switch is off. Any ideas to why they behave differently?

Go to the switch in the Smartthings app, press the gear icon on the top right of screen and you can change when the led lights.

You’re not alone in seeing this, although I don’t know what’s happening to Cause it:

Thanks, I was playing around this morning and came across hoe to edit it in the API. Thanks for the quick reply

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Do you mind posting how to edit ? Is this the same edit as ?

I have only bought 1 GE power output, but am getting ready to pull the trigger on ~5-10 primary switches and ~5 add-on switches. From this thread and others that I have read, it seems I really need to rethink GE and get switches with instant-on (Leviton).

I don’t have any delay, I try to use device handlers that run local FAQ: CONFIRMED: Local Processing - Working Device Handlers

I don’t you need to. I have over 70+ GE switches of all sorts, and while a couple older models have died on me, these work very well. I have no delay at all.

If you could wait a little longer. Maybe look into Luton system and see what ST is going to do with them soon.

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That’s great to know. At least for this purchase I am trying to keep the devices all the same brand/model. I just dont want to make the wrong choice up front :slight_smile: It looks like the new Homeseer has everything I want, but I see people still struggling with it to get all the functionality working. I can read but not write code, so I rely on what the community decides to integrate and support.

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I have no existing Lutron devices. I have no desire for another Hub/Controller for them. And Im trying to keep eveything psuedo-non-proprietary.

Change when the LED is shown on a GE smart Switch.
Log on to you account,, go to my devices, select your device, go to preferences , edit and save

Change when the LED is shown on a GE smart Switch.
Log on to you account,, go to my devices, select your device, go to preferences , edit and save