Problems with lock - will lock, but when unlocking - locks immediately

Product: Schlage BE479AA V CEN 619

Worked fine until I moved and the batteries went dead… replaced the batteries and have had NOTHING but issues with the device since.

Problems in order:

After batteries went dead and they were replaced – the unit wouldnt fully engage or disengage the bolt.

Solution: Factory reset
Bolt now fully engages or disengages HOWEVER
when unlocked - tell the device to lock the door… it locks no problem
however once locked - will not unlock… tell the device to unlock, it will disengage the bolt and then immediately - lock the door / engage the bolt again - and give the “unlocked” notification but never the locked and I cant open the door – either have to manually use the key or go through the garage.

it is upsetting me to no end… thoughts / solutions?

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved: I would contact Schlage support. It sounds like a device issue, not a network issue.