Problems with GE/Jasco Dimmer

I’ve had a GE/Jasco dimmer on my family room light for about five years. I occasionally noticed a flicker in it but always thought it was one of the lights in the fixture. I could never figure out which one it was so I just left it alone. I’m now having an issue where the fixture randomly dims down to 1-2% and then ramps back up to 99%. It was connected to a motion sensor and some other automations, but while trying to troubleshoot I deleted those connections. I checked the live logging in the smart things API and see this, but I have no idea if there is anything there to tell me what’s going on. I’m trying to figure out if the dimmer is faulty and needs replacement or if something is randomly triggering the dimmer.


More Data:
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That’s almost always either an incompatible bulb or a wiring issue where you are getting surges in current and switches turning itself off to prevent overheating.

If changing the bulbs doesn’t fix it, you may need to bring in an electrician. Or you can just try a different switch, if the new switch doesn’t have the problem, it can also be a fault in the original switch, although that is more rare. But given the age of that switch, it’s possible.