Problems pairing ZWN-SC7 Button Controller

(Gary) #1

I purchased my first ZWN-SC7 a couple of weeks ago and got the device to pair great using @mattjfrank Device Type. I then purchased a second controller to put in another location of my home. I installed it exactly the same as the first, but when I go to pair the device, it will show up on my phone as ZWN-SC7 7 Button Controller, but the wall plate continues to “slow blink” like it is still trying to pair. I have excluded the device, reset the device, killed power to the device, and performed the procedure 5 times - each and every time the device will pair within the Smartthings phone App, but the device will continue to slow blink. I’ve hit the “Configure button” and can see in the Smartthings Live Log that the configure button is being pushed, but the wall plate doesn’t respond.

I tried to find Enerwave’s technical support or customer service but their website’s navigation links aren’t correct and point to an “about” page.

Any ideas or suggestions?


Who did you buy it from? I would probably just return it as a defective device, it happens.

(Brice; #3

The second one I installed had similar issues. I think i must have tried 50 times. What finally worked was:
1 - factory reset
2 - turn off breaker for a minute
3 - factory reset
4 - pair

(Gary) #4

Thanks! Your order of steps worked perfectly. I really appreciate it!