Problems adding second Ouvopo (eWeLink) Motion Sensor to AeoTec v3 hub

I own a Aeotec V3 Hub and bought an Ouvopo Motion sensor (shows up as eWeLink). It works great. I bought a 2nd and whenever I add it, it shows up as a ZigBee Thing (hub?).

I went to advanced settings on smartthings, but the ZigBee Thing page won’t allow me to change the driver. If I look at my original sensor (the one that works), it has both drivers in the dropdown.

I ordered another (a third for a replacement), but does the same thing (ZigBee Thing).

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?

Original Sensor:
Model: MS01

New Sensor (same order from Amazon)
Model: SNZB-03

Both models have different presentation IDs, maybe they loaded the wrong firmware on a batch?

Try the “Zigbee Motion Mc” driver.


That worked! Not everything is working, like battery percent, but now it’s a motion detector again!



It eventually caught up and updated the rest of the metrics, including battery.