Problem with ST app on Kindle Fire HD8

Problem is with Samsung login process. For $15, I downloaded AMIDuos to my desktop, loaded the google apps, loaded SmartThings (android), and have a desktop client. (Just a few of my devices.) You can try for free for (I think) 30 days. See below for my screen on Dell Laptop.

Or you could try ActionTiles. I hear the product is great and will work with any browser (give PC and Fire support)!

Huh. I just set up a 2017 HD 8 the other day. Google Play Services and Google Now launcher loaded. No issues with the SmartThings app.

You have a legacy SmartThings account. ST now requires a Samsung account, which is not compatible with Fire tablets at all.

Huh. Didn’t know that. I did see the option when logging into something before but I thought that was for Samsung’s Home Connect or whatever that other device is.

I just hit this problem as well with my new Fire HD8 :frowning: I have Google Play sideloaded and Chrome installed, but it’s not the default browser so when SmartThings tries to log in at the Samsung website I get an error saying the browser is unsupported.

Seems really silly since it’s just a user agent string detect. Would be nice to have a fix for this so we can log in.

I’m running the app successfully on my tablet. Try this:

I also had a post about it: Replaced My Existing Security Panel with Konnected Security - My Writeup and you may be able to just follow what I did. Can’t tell you the exact step other then mine works just fine.

Your tablet probably came out of the box as v5.4.0.0 which the bloat removal should work decently for. If it updates to then it won’t work. If you factory reset it you can go back to then at the WiFi setup screen click hidden network then back and you can skip connecting. Then you can run the debloat stuff and prevent it from updating.

This of course is only if you’re ok getting rid of the Amazon stuff and replacing it with Google stuff. I was because I’m using mine only for SmartThings/ActionTiles. You might not be.

Has anyone had an update on this from Samsung or Amazon?

I’ve complained about it in the playstore, amazon page and through all the other channels (email, chat etc) but there doesnt seem to be any feedback given?

Probably not going to be an update. Samsung has no intention of helping Amazon sell tablets.

So I actually just found out something…

I bought my wife a Fire 7 that arrived today, however it still had version installed. Added the google playstore with chrome, updated google services and installed Smartthings Mobile.

Worked perfectly. So the issue is clearly upgrading to version - Im going to try flash my one and see if I can get it back to version to confirm.

If this is the case, amazon is blocking one of the play services in version which is crashing ST mobile…

Hi Everyone, I can confirm that this is an issue with updating to FireOS v5.4.0.1
I reset to factory and back to v5.4.0.0 and I was able to log into the ST mobile app with no issue. Anyone having this issue can try thing and make sure you have blocked the OTA updates.

It will install. The problem is not being able to get logged in with a Samsung account

Hi Scott, exactly what I mean…

Here is what I did:
Step 1: Reset to factory default - Make sure V5.4.0.0
Step 2: Go through the Fire setup, but select "DO NOT RESTORE"
Step 3: Use RootJunkie to install playstore
Step 4: Use RootJunkie to block OTA
Step 5: Install ST, Chrome and update play services
Step 6: Login to ST

Everything should now be working. On this note, Im not entirely sure if its the version or blocking OTA that sorts out the issue, but either way ST is back on both my Fire’s and working correctly

With a Samsung account or a legacy SmartThings account?

it takes you to the samsung account login.

having the same issue on the amazon fire 10 tablet its on version fire os 7 gen tablet , iam currently trying to launch an android app on it using web core and automateit but iam guessing it wont open becouse i need the smartthings app open , to be fully loged into , in order for me to try to atemp this ???

but curtousy of samsung i cant log in nor change default browser , if anyone can help truly would appreciate it ,

@RIJOSROBERTO Might as well forget about it. SmartThings has abandoned anyone using fire tablets or older android tablets. There’s no way to log into the app. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Hi everybody. Here is what I did and succeeded
Step 1: install apk pure and firefox on kindle fire
Step 2: install smartthing classic on apk mirror version 4.2 don’t update < “You should use ST classic” it’s better
Step 3: login Smartthing app and set default firefox Browser,don’t worry. -> login Smartthing IDE on firefox
Step 4: login Smartthing app again
5: I succeeded. good luck!!

How did you set Firefox as the default browser?

sorry@@ my mistake .when login smartthing then it auto chose run Silk browser .you select 3 dots in the right corner Silk browser and set firefox browser set default chose always. my speak english is not good !!! haha

Nope. Doesn’t work.

Please !! make sure you follow my instructions. I’m sure I did so and succeeded. Please check again