Problem with Polling in the Activity Feed/Last Activity in the Device List

Hello all; I’m a novice, so there may be a simple solution that I’m simply unaware of. I am trying to find the current levels for my Hue bulbs. Formerly, I think I could see this data by looking at their details under the “My Devices” list, and also by finding it in my mobile app’s Activity Feed, as it would refresh every few minutes.

However, for the last day or so, the Activity Feed hasn’t shown their information, and going into the Device under Device List shows them as inactive and gives the wrong data about their on/off state, and about the levels and settings that I know they have.

I tried installing and running Pollster, but my Activity Feed only got a lot of messages saying nothing more than “Pollster”… no extra data about what it found. And it didn’t do anything to reset the value information in the Device List. I’m not sure what to do, so I wanted to ask for your advice.

I thought about deleting the mobile app and then reinstalling it. But… first, I’m not sure if that would fix it, since I’m not finding anything in the IDE Device List information either, and second, I didn’t know if doing that will delete the data I’ve entered into SmartApps, like scenes I’ve set up for Hue bulbs, etc.

Thanks for any help with this.

Go into the IDE click ‘My Devices’, Click the device. Your levels will be under ‘Current States’

Thanks, Jamie. However, that’s not showing them correctly. For example, I’ve had a bulb on, quite dim, and a reddish hue for a couple of hours now. But “current states” show it as:

switch: off
level: 100
hue: 62
saturation: 99
color: #0147FD

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For any who had an interest, I can report that it has started up again. I’m still unsure whether I caused it or not; I didn’t make any changes that should have prompted it to begin polling again.