Problem with my SmartRules

Hi folks, I’m hoping for a bit of help working out why this SmartRule doesn’t work. (@obycode because I saw them suggest tagging them on any problems)

I’ve got this:

Hall On:
if this happens:
Aeon Multi 6 detects motion
while all of these are true:
Aeon Multi 6 is less than is below 115
Home is activated
then do this:
turn on Hall Mirror

It is generating these logs:

7:53:45 AM: debug Hall On not executing; conditions evaluated to false
7:53:45 AM: debug Hall On: [value:[displayAsCondition:is below 115, value:115, displayAsTrigger:is below 115], relation:1, attribute:[name:illuminance, capability:illuminance sensors], delaySecs:0, thing:[id:516f1b53-fcd1-4fca-ad0c-1817a666d818]] is false
7:53:45 AM: debug checking if 101 < 115
7:53:45 AM: debug checking if 102 < 115

I can confirm that ‘Home’ is active and that the illuminance on the sensor is below 115. I’m also not sure I understand what the log line is saying :frowning:


Hi Richard. Unfortunately we discovered a bug in our v2 release that is causing the issue you are seeing. The bug was fixed quickly but we are still waiting for SmartThings to publish the update. It is supposed to be going live tomorrow. Now that we understand the timing for these releases, we have greatly improved our testing processes to help avoid issues like this.

Ahh, excellent. I’m new to this so assumed it was me doing something wrong. Now I know I can relax :slight_smile:

Sorry, not fixed yet - I now have a different error in the logs:

error Illegal current value: inactive

@bluesheep, could you send some more details to Please include the contents of the rule and any logging that you were able to collect. Thanks.

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Done, thanks.

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Hi @obycode

I’m also seeing a bug in relation to aeon multisensor 6, specifically temperature and illuminance. I have created a bunch of rules which compare the illuminance to 180 lux and the temperature of the multisensor to 19oC and 22oC but when I look in the logs I can see that the illuminance and temperature values are being used interchangably in the logic.

In the SmartRules app, once illuminance or temperature are chosen there is no mention of which is chose in the GUI.

At the time of the following logs, the temp was 29.9oC and the illuminance 2731 lux
2:18:33 PM: debug checking if 2731 < 19
2:18:33 PM: debug checking if 2731 < 19
2:18:33 PM: debug checking if 29.9 > 22
2:18:33 PM: debug checking for change from previous state
2:18:33 PM: debug checking if 2731 > 22
2:18:33 PM: debug checking if 2731 < 180
2:18:33 PM: info Trigger: Living Room Multi Sensor illuminance is 2731 lux
2:18:33 PM: debug After zwaveEvent(cmd) >> Parsed 'zw device: 02, command: 3105, payload: 03 0A 0A AB ’ to [‘name’:‘illuminance’, ‘value’:2731, ‘unit’:‘lux’, ‘isStateChange’:true, ‘displayed’:true, ‘linkText’:‘Living Room Multi Sensor’, ‘descriptionText’:Living Room Multi Sensor illuminance is 2731 lux]

A later example where temp is being used instead of illuminance:
2:36:13 PM: debug checking for change from previous state
2:36:13 PM: debug checking if 31.0 < 180

My guess at what is happening is that every time illumanance or temperature change and ST polls this, then whichever value was updated is compared against both my temperature rules and my illuminance rules