Problem with Mode and Timeout

(Eric) #1

I have rules setup so that the overhead light on my front porch is turned on when the motion detector detects motion AND the mode is night.

Using the dashboard

  • Good Morning! is set to change the mode to DAY at SUNRISE. Good Night! is set to change the mode to NIGHT as SUNSET.

  • Your Lights & Switches is set so the Front Porch Ceiling Light is triggered by TURN ON WHEN THERE IS MOTION using the Front Porch Motion Sensor. I have also checked TURN OFF WHEN MOTION STOPS and WAIT THIS MANY MINUTES TO TURN OFF AFTER MOTION STOPS is set with a value of 5 (minutes) and ONLY WHEN MODE IS set to NIGHT.

This all works perfectly except when there is one combination of events at a specific time. If I walk out the front door just before Sunrise (5 minutes or less before sunrise), the light will go on, but if sunrise happens (and the Good Morning! logic is triggered) BEFORE the 5 minute timeout expires, then the light never turns off. I am assuming that when the timeout expires, the logic is re-executed but the mode is, by that time, set to DAY and so it is ignored.

As far as I can see, this only happens within this 5 minute period. It does appear to be repeatable - I have been able to make it happen twice - last week and this week.

This is not a huge problem for me, but I can see this being a bigger problem for other applications that might use a larger value for the time delay.