Problem with Jasco 3-way Switch

I had very recently ordered both a standard 2-way (on switch, one light) and a set of 3-way (two switches, one light) Jasco switches. I first installed the 2-way switch and it worked perfectly. I noticed in the instructions for the 2-way that it’s possible to run it as a 3-way master as well - unnecessary, but good to know.

I then installed the 3-way switches and ran into trouble. I ran the (black) line, (white) neutral, (red) traveler, (black) load and (green) ground. For the secondary switch, I bound the two black wires (load and line) together - and hooked up the (red) traveler, (white) neutral, (green) ground. Put the breaker back on and the blue light came on the master and it worked as expected, however the secondary switch would not work. I checked the current and everything seemed to be OK - but the master didn’t seem to be responding to the (red) traveler changes.

I took the 2-way switch from it’s mounted home and put it in place of my 3-way switch. And what do you know? It works. I thought the 3-way master seemed to be OK at working as a 2-way switch, so I just swapped the two switches. Now, my 3-way works, but now the 3-way master I’m using as a standard 2-way switch refuses to turn off. I’ll click it off and the light will turn out, the blue light will come on - and less than a second later, it will come back on without interaction. I did not have the switch installed in my hub (thinking there may have been some app that was signalling it to turn back on) - but no change in behavior.

Has anyone had experience with a Jasco switch turning back on immediately after turning it off?

Sorry for the long-winded message, but figured some details may be important to note. I intend to contact Jasco about a warranty claim or the retailer for a return, but thought I’d see what others’ thoughts were first.


Sounds like an issue with the switch, definitely. Never experienced that or heard of anyone else experiencing that.

@chrisb : I figured as much - have a replacement coming shortly. Thanks for reading through and making sure I’m not just going crazy.

sounds like its an issue with your neutral. I had this problem too. Do you have any other switches in that box? Any other neutral wires besides the two?

If I’m understanding ImBrian correctly, he setup switch A and a single pole (simple on off) and it worked fine. Then he setup switch B as a three-way master, and it didn’t work right.

Next he traded the switches. Switch A was installed in the three-way setup and works correctly while Switch B, which is now in the single-pole setup doesn’t work.

Given that the problems followed the switch when their locations were changed that seems pretty clear to be a switch issue rather than a problem with the wiring in the location.

@chrisb described my situation correctly (and far more concisely than I had). As for neutrals - the (working) 3-way switch has no other switches in either box. There are several neutral wires connected by wirenuts (one in, two out and one that is going to the master switch).

The non-working two-way switch (which was working before I swapped out the switches to troubleshoot) shares a box with one other switch. All neutral wires were connected and I added one to connect to the switch.

What ever came of this? Did the new switch come in and resolve the issue?

I am having the exact same issue, and did the same fix and now have the same result.

Sorry for the late reply - was out on holiday.

Yeah - it ended up being a bad switch. I returned it to the store (amazon) and the new one worked perfectly.