Problem with integrating harmony with tasker and sharptools

I can control my harmony activities from the smart tile in sharptools. However when I try to make a widget the widget doesn’t seem to do anything. This annoys me because i’m trying to use voice control to launch activities.

Sorry to hear that you are annoyed - hopefully we can get things working for you.

Keep in mind the way that the ‘startActivity’ command for the Harmony works. Starting activities is a bit complex as you need to know the activity ID to use with startActivity. One way to do this is to setup a task that uses the ‘Thing: Get Attribute’ plugin and gets the ‘activities’ attribute from the Harmony. This will return a long JSON string with the list of activities and put it in the %st_attr_value variable. As the second step in the task, you’ll want to create an Alert > HTML Popup and put %st_attr_value in the Code field. From here, you can read through the list and manually note down the activity ID.

Once you have the activity ID, you can start an activity in a task using the ‘A Thing’ plugin using the ‘startActivity’ command with the activity ID as the first parameter (or in a widget as you noted).

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Ending activities (eg. turn everything off) is pretty straightforward by just using the ‘A Thing’ plugin and calling the ‘allOff’ or ‘activityOff’ command.

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Wow thanks. I was evidently told how to set it up incorrectly. I thought the Id was the name of the activity. I will try this after work.

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just as a really-late follow-up, it worked.