Problem with IDE (double account with same email?)

I’m having a weird issue with IDE, when i login to IDE i see my account, linked with github but wihout a hub linked to it. When i go to my locations and click ’ home’ i need to re-enter my login after which i do see the hub but the connection with github is gone. Apps and DH also change. Only change i see is the URL, but i have no idea how to fix this. Any ideas?

I think you just have Shard unawareness…!

  1. Please read this FAQ below.

  2. Once you know your “Shard”, please always login to it explicitly using its full URL, not just “” if you are on Shard NA01…

Thanks, seems like that’s it, will try it out.

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Is it correct that github intergration is not possible on all of the shards? i’m on euwest1 and i dont have the option to enable github in ’ smartapps’

I’m on euwest01 and it’s working for me.

Try this:

If you get stuck review this thread:

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thanks Paul, that link worked for me.