Problem with GE dimmer switch

Thought I have it wired right. It synced properly and all and dims and brightens but it start to dim the light or the lights straight go out randomly. Also the blue light is only on when the lights turned on.
It seemed to work fine when I first wired it up but hours later it started dimming and going off and back on. What could I have done wrong or could this dimmer switch be faulty?
I have this switch powering 2 led bulbs in a overhead fan. The leds are dimmable.
Here is a video of what the lights doing. And no one is touching the switch or playing with the app! Driving me nuts! Doesn’t seem to do it when max brightness but anything under 50% it does this! :frowning: please help. Did I get the input output wires reveresed? Or maybe just bad switch? Or is there a led setting I have to do somehow

Firstly, what SmartThings dimmer switch are you referring to? As far as I am aware there are no SmartThings dimmer switches…

Secondly, if you have the dimmer switch wired up to the lights on the fan and the fan itself disconnect it immediately. You cannot wire both into the same switch because

  1. Why would you want your lights to go up and down with the fan speed at the same time
  2. Most light dimmer switches are not designed for motors like the fan.

You risk an electrical fire. I recommend that you disconnect the switch immediately.

The fan is controlled by two switches. The fan is controlled by normal switch I only replaced the switch that powers the lights on the fan. So that parts fine.

Sorry I was mistaken by the switch. It’s GE

Best way to get useful feedback on how you wired your dimmer switch is to post a diagram of how it’s wired, or at least some photos of what’s in your switch box.

Red on side top terminal Is to the fans lights. Black side bottom Is to power input from fuse box and white is nuetral and ground copper wire ontop.

The no 120 terminal is unused
The bottom terminal nuetral is the white wire. Camnt really see it in this picture sorry but it’s there

I just tried switching red and black and obviously that didn’t work at all then.
I think I may have a bad switch.

Hard to see in the pics but if it’s wired that way it should work. So it could be a bad unit.

How many watts on the LED bulbs?

Ya it was a bad unit. Just took it back to lowes and exchanged it for another and she told me oh this ones different and might cost a bit more so I went and looked thru the rack and sure enough there was no more of the units that said z wave on the front, the rest all said said iris on the front. Got home wired it up and it worked properly so far.
Guess it was just a old discontinued faulty switch! :frowning: sucks I had to get that one and have it frustrate me so much tho! lol I just kept thinking dang I know I got this right!!! Thinking maybe it was previous owners stupidity wiring job maybe. Found two stupid wired switches when I moved in!
I’m just glad it wasn’t me and was a bad unit lol my girl was talking crazy about my wiring and stupid smart house toys lol she not gonna complain when the dang thing works properly and is cool! Lol

Thanks you guys for trying to help I do appreciate it!!! I’m been to this smart house stuff so still learning! Now I just need something to control baseboard heaters! And buy bunch of thermometer sensor units in due time!
I was lucky enough to get two deadbolt systems on the super cheap from habitat for humanity store one without a key and another unit from bulldog liquidation store by my job. Only paid like 75$ for both schlage locks together :slight_smile:

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