Problem with Garage door using switch and relay

just started with smart things
I have a very old garage door opener - Overhead Touch N go 2000. I tried to add a Samsung smart switch and a relay and connect it to the push button connector on the motor.
For some reason it can’t open or close the garage.
I checked and the relay is working fine.
If I short the terminal on the garage opener it also works.
It works fine if I use the standard methods - the wall switch or the the regular remote.
Does anyone have an idea why it is not working?

Thank you

What kind of relay are you using? It needs to be a mechanical relay with a dry contact. Also make sure you have wired to the right terminals on the relay. If you have an ohmmeter test across the contact when you energize the relay.

Hi Jim
thanks for your answer.
i am using philmore 12V relay. it is a mechanical dry contact. i am connected to the terminal that the wall switch is connected to. I checked it with ohmmeter and it is fine (circuit close when turn on). it is also activating the built in light on the garage motor but it is still not activating the door. the strange thing is when i short the terminal with a paper clip it works. so i don’t understand it.

Are you leaving the relay on quite awhile? It’s possible it needs to be a short duration. I can try that on mine tomorrow. Also try swapping the 2 wires on the relay in case the relay needs correct polarization on the contact. It shouldn’t make any difference on a mechanical relay, but never hurts to try.

i been able to solve the issue. my garage door opener require a pulse which mean i need to do on/off/on to activate the garage door.
now i need to figure how to write a code for this scenario.