Problem with Fibaro motion sensor

i just paired a couple of these tonight. both the regular z-wave (~$30) and z-wave plus (ZW5 ~$45) versions paired directly to the hub without adding an external IDE DH.

the ‘built in’ DH is very basic and it is said that all the light flashing will drain the battery faster (similar to the 4-in-1 motion detects from monoprice/zooz.) you can add an external IDE DH for customizing settings.

Also there is this external IDE DH for changing parameters.

you can tell which version you have by either looking on the back of the box or inside where the battery goes - will either just say z-wave or w-wave plus under the battery.

be patient when pairing these as they don’t pair immediately.

it’s always a good idea to exclude first before pairing.

press the inside “B” button three times to exclude with the hub in exclusion mode - should exclude almost immediately. if it doesn’t press the “B” button three times again while the hub is (still) in excludion mode.

press the inside “B” button three times to include with the hub in inclusion mode - this is were you should be patient. it can take a couple of minutes. after about 3 minutes if it still hasn’t paired press the “B” button three times again and wait a couple of minutes. if it still hasn’t paired, it can’t hurt to exclude it again and try repairing again.

remember, patience for inclusion is what is key here.

I recently purchased 7 of these from ebay for about $20 each.