Problem with Enchantech Kaipule Z-Wave Window & Door Sensor

I’m having trouble getting the Enchantech Kaipule Z-Wave Window & Door Sensor to work properly with SmartThings.

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The sensor pairs just fine as a generic z-wave window and door sensor. The problem is the sensor doesn’t register the door opening or closing. It shows it’s either stuck open or closed even though SmartThings displays the device log under recent that shows the device is working and registering the opening and closing activity of the contact sensor.

Any ideas on how to get this working properly?

I’m switching over from the Vera and this sensor worked fine on that so it seems to be a ST issue.

I have the same problem. Did you figure out how to fix it? Mine used to work great and then started saying motion detected at some point, but i was not sure if it was a firmware update that might have done it. Any help is much appreciated.

I’m also having this problem. The sensors & their automations used to work, but at some point in the past few months it started firing motion events rather than open/closed events, breaking various automation.

Unfortunately I can’t say exactly when it started, as the sensor is on a coat closet I rarely use.

Can anyone in the community help? I am new to this and thought we could get some help from the more technical folks. Is there a better way to ask or maybe a different forum we can post?

Good evening folks. I apologize for the delayed response, I just came across this post. I am taking a look at the above posted issues as I have not seen this behavior on the units I use in my home, though I have seen some odd behavior from time to time after SmartThings updates.

Presumably you have attempted to remove/readd the sensors to no avail? Based on the fact that you’re seeing motion detection on the units, it seems likely that SmartThings somehow managed to reassign the device type of your sensors to motion detectors instead of door/window sensors during an update, though I’m unsure why that might be the case. If that did happen, if you go to and sign in, then click on “Devices”, you should see a listing of all your devices, including your Enchantech sensors. Select an Enchantech sensor, then at the bottom of the page click on “Edit” and ensure that “Type *” is set to “Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor” and not any type of motion sensor. Then click “Update” at the bottom and let me know if that solves the issue.

Here is a screenshot of the device after reviewing the devices. It is
already setup as a door window sensor. I have removed and added them
several times with the same result. Thanks for your help and hope we can
get this resolved.

I’m new to the SmartThings device handler setup, but I’ve created a quick custom device handler for the sensor that should work for you. In addition to allowing you to monitor the state of the open/closed state of the sensor, it will allow you to monitor the tamper state of the battery compartment.

The code for the handler can be found here. To use it, go back to the page and click on “My Device Handlers” at the top. Then, click “Create New Device Handler” in the upper right corner, select the “From Code” tab at the top, paste in the text of the file linked, and hit “Create”. At the top right, click “Publish”>“For Me”.

Now, go back to “My Devices” at the top, select the Enchantech sensor, hit “Edit” at the bottom, and select “Enchantech Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor v1” from the bottom of your device handler type list and hit “Update”.

Please let me know if that corrects the issue for you.

That worked. if I purchase more sensors will I have to do the same thing or
will you get a fix for it going forward? thanks for your help.

I just tested this and when I add a new Enchantech sensor, it properly reads it as “Enchantech Door/Window Sensor” and applies the custom device handler. I included manufacturer and device codes in the handler so it should properly identify all of them as that once you’ve added the handler to your account.

So for future sensors, adding it should indeed work by default. I’m working on getting the device handler integrated into the default device handlers with SmartThings, but I’m unsure of how long that process might take.

I’m glad that the custom handler worked for you! Please don’t hesitate to let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help.