Problem with Android Presence Detection starting in July 2017?

I haven’t seen the problem for a while. Seems OK to me now. Unclear what caused it, but think it was related to the android platform itself. Try rebooting your phone if you are experiencing it…

I have definitely been seeing lots of issues with Android Presence detection lately.

Presence will not show as home until I’ve been home for various times (usually 30-60 min). At that point all my arrival routines will run, unlocking my doors, opening my garage, etc. Frustrating. I’ve tried logging in/out, uninstalling, removing and adding the phone (which also required me to set back up my automations). Still no dice.

I’m definitely seeing a similar problem. This is on a Note 5. The Note 5 got Android 7 and the new ST app at about the same time, so can’t pinpoint the contributing factor, But 5+ times a day, my phone will report it has left home while it is sitting next to me at home, and then at some later time (can be >1 hour) it will report it is home. Happens at random times in the day and night. Have had to delete all my presence driven triggers. My wifes S5 on Android 6 but the latest ST app seens to see the problem a few times a week.

I think this is happening no matter how you set your geofence. I can be 20 miles away and ST will detect android presence with geofence only around the home… why?.. if the android device checks it location, either it pinpoints pretty close (where things will work fine), but sometimes it may not detect closely and instead use a very WIDE radius of approximate location that will encompass or capture my home 20 miles away with a FALSE location of presence. Then shortly after correct itself and do whatever you specified it to do as if properly located.

May have to end up relying on the battery eating Samsung Presence sensors on a Keychain or in the vehicles glove box. But I am assuming if these are located like the androids, would do the same… or are they being located locally via wifi proximity differently than internet cloud?

I also noticed that just taking a walk around the block, if geofence radius just around the home itself, I get security android presence detection too much. So I had to expand the geofence radius further out to prevent that. Helped with disarming also instead of after entering. Gave it a little more time to detect presence and do its thing.

So far, I’m finding the 2.5.0 client is doing much better with presence. So far, no false reports.

When you refer to 2.5.0 client, what are you referring to exactly? The SmartThings Mobile android app? 3.5 here. NOTE 3, Android 5.0.

I think the random incorrect locations are present no matter what version when the device is finding the android device coords.

Go into your ST app on your phone and that is the version that people are referring to.

Ok, thanks, yes, app says 2.5.0 (under what’s new), but says 3.5 in the GooglePlay.

EDIT: DERRRR!!! 3.5 is the star rating!

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Uggg. The presence sensor(my phone with life 360) showed me arriving home today at 10am and opened my garage. I closed it after I got the notification…a little while later it said I had left the house. I have been at work all day. As much as I want this to work, I will not be using it for opening doors and locks.

Just an update on this.
My wife’s Tado presence also started playing silly beggars so I decided to bite the bullet.
Backed up her phone and did a factory reset.
Restored everything.
It has now been working faultlessly for presence on Life360, ST and Tado for 24hrs.
Previously the phone was going AWOL every hour or so.
Bit drastic I know but I’d had enough.
Fingers crossed.

I ended up “rolling my own”. Basically I am using a raspberry pi zero to scan for bluetooth identities. I have installed the MQTT bridge so I can do bi-directional communications. And I run a flow inside node-red on the pi zero.

Works great, and will support anything that transmits bluetooth. I picked up a couple of those “key finder” fobs, and they have descent range.

Anyway, that’s my story. Was fun to setup and get running.

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