Problem with Alexa new follow up mode

I searched but couldn’t find where anyone has reported this yet. I’m not sure if it’s a problem with Smartthings or Alexa, but perhaps someone will see this and track it down. Is there a better why to report an integration bug / problem?

I’ve installed smart locks. I’ve done all the appropriate steps in both Smartthings and Alexa apps.

When I ask “Alexa, is the front door locked?” I get the response “Hang on… Smartthings said the front door is locked.”

However if the new Alexa ‘follow up mode’ is enabled, I ask “Alexa, is the front door locked?” I get the response “Hang on…” and there is never a reply from SmartThings.

This is highly reproducible.

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Sounds like an Alexa bug to me.

Confirmed. With follow-up mode enabled, Alexa never responds. If follow-up mode is then disabled, it responds properly. Toggling back and forth creates/resolves the issue again.

I agree with @Ryan780 that it’s an Alexa issue. I sent feedback on this via the Alexa app on my phone.

+1 … repro’ed this as well.

Thanks Lee.

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I still fail to see why you are posting in this forum. This is a community forum for SmartThings. No one here is going to be able to help you since the Alex integration is maintained by SmartThings and is not community generated code. You should call Samsung or Amazon support. Not much is going to be done about it by posting here.

Not all apps here are community generated codes. There is a lot of knowledge on forums like this and it does not mean he expects somebody here to resolve the issue. If you will notice, others have been able to reproduce the error. That helps to narrow down the issue. Now he can open a service ticket with Amazon instead of wasting time with ST.

Posting here is helpful. If you don’t think posting in a community such as this is helpful to one or even many users that might have the same problem (even if they have not discovered it yet), then you did you even bother to reply.

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If the app isn’t community generated then there is nothing anyone here can do to resolve the problem because only ST can. And i replied to make sure the OP knew that he wasn’t going to get a resolution and should contact ST.

How is what you posted constructive at all?

Yours wasn’t constructive, just condescending to a new member of the forum who may not understand what is happening to his system. Like I said others have reproduced the error so now he knows to open a ticket with Amazon that it is a bug & not just his system.

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I said that he should contact SmartThings. I wanted to be clear that no one here could solve a problem with the native SmartThings/Alexa integration. Do you think that is wrong?

That’s what I see as wrong.

Thanks for sharing your opinion.

This thread helped me realize it’s not a problem with just my set-up, thanks.

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Yep. Would never have known that unless the OP posted this thread.
Dang good thing he posted it.

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I also wasn’t sure if Samsung monitored this forum as companies sometimes do with community forums.

ST Staff members do monitor the community and they pick and choose what the reply to. If it’s something of major significance affecting a large group of customers, is a direct ST issue, outage or degradation of some sort, they might look into it and reply out here. For something like this, you are better off opening a ticket with ST Support or Amazon Alexa Support or both. :slight_smile: