Problem Running a Smart Lighting Automation During a Specific Time

New ST user and first post! I have a Sengled element smart light that I want to turn on whenever my Schlage connect is unlocked. I want the light to stay on for three minutes and then turn off. I set up two smart lighting automations and it is working (yea!). The problem is that I only want this to execute during a specific time frame and I can’t seem to get this to work.
Under the ‘more options’ section of setup screen there is a ‘Only during a certain time’ option. No matter what time frame I enter the automation is ignoring it e.g. I put in Sunset to Sunrise but I can unlock the door anytime outside that and the light comes on.
Not sure why this doesn’t work. Hoping it is something simple I am missing.
As an aside it is not the bulb since I tested it with a smart plug and the same thing happens i.e. the time frame is ignored.


did you set your geolocation?

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We’ll need to see the screenshots of how you have the automation set up.

I know that as a new forum user you will be limited in the number of pictures you can post, but do the best you can.

Yes, I have a porch light that goes on at sunset and off at sunrise. Works fine.

Same here, sunset sunrise not working and also specific time is not working.

I wanted to give an update on this. It is now working! After looking through numerous troubleshooting threads about automations not working I took a look in the IDE at the routines in use by the device. Sure enough there was a routine that I had previously deleted (it’s not in the SmartThings app). I deleted it from the IDE and made a new routine from scratch and it does what I want it to.

There is certainly a wealth of information in this community!