Problem for my garage door, please help


(Võ Thanh Minh) #1

#I have a garage door control button UP; STOP; DOWN

#Introduce me to the product to join the z-wave network with Samsung Smart Hub



US or U.K. hub? And what voltage is the garage door Controller?

(Võ Thanh Minh) #3
  • US Hub.
  • Motor is 220v.
  • The switch is status[0 or 1] . I do not see voltages displayed on voltmeter

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(Michael) #5

I would expect a dry contact relay would work to simulate the button press. I did this with my hot water heater remote, but I had to solder a wires on both side of the button. Since you have three buttons you may need three devices unless there is a multichannel relay. Believe I have seen a 2 channel but not 3.

Maybe @RobinWinbourne has some ideas.

(Robin) #6

Certainly doable with 3 smart relays… but won’t be cheap!

You’ll need to select relays that have an auto off feature so that you can create a quick button press rather than holding the button down until turned off… this could be done with Fibaro relays (they have an auto off parameter setting).

In the U.K. I would reccomend a Fibaro double relay + a single relay, to get the cost down, but the double is not available on the US frequency.

Another option could be the Fibaro roller shutter module but it would need to be wired directly to the motor (not the switch) and would replace all of your existing circuitry… I’ve got a feeling that the roller shutter module isn’t available in US frequency either though?