PROBEE modules

Anyone want to join me in trying one of these out. It’s half the price of a shield.

The probee is a “zigbee pro” device. SmartThings uses the “Zigbee home automation” (ZHA 1.2) profile. How are you planning to load the ZHA profile onto the Probee?

( Zigbee has many different profiles, and they are not mutually compatible. They use different addressing schemes for one thing. This is why Smartthings is not compatible with the original version Iris devices, the original version NYCE sensors, the original XAOMI sensors, the original CUBE sensors, or control4. They are all zigbee, but they can’t talk to each other. )

The development kit is needed to load the profile?

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I found out that they only support ZHA1.12. I guess smartthings does not do ZHA1.12

ZHA 1.2 is the “zigbee home automation” profile. That’s the one that SmartThings uses, so that should work.

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Does ZHA 1.2 backward compatible with ZHA 1.12?