Price increase!

What’s with the Huge (25%) price increase on Amazon??? I bought a handful of devices a few weeks ago to just get started with ST, but now the prices have jumped 25% eg Hub was $80, now $100, etc. I like the system, but not That much!!

There was a sale (25% off) for the month of January. They are back to normal price.


Deals and sales happen all the time. Check the Deals category to see when they happen

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Consider yourself lucky , you want to see UK prices :astonished:


@Originaltrav - It’s generally targeting new customers, but we are running a pretty awesome deal on for a Hub + Osram + Dot:

Not a bad deal = to 2 x free bulbs , too late for me though

The hub has always been $100 (or rather $99), anything less has been due to offers/deals/discounts.