Prewiring for new construction

I am new to this other blogs, but I a overwhelmed with options and would like some advice. I’m not too technical and not sure this is the right blog but here I go. I figure since we are building a new home, I may as well prewire for any eventuality I may need. I don’t know if I should have one smart home unit or multiple systems. Here is my wish list:

  • Home alarm that can be self monitored without monthly fees or long term lock in, but with option for having monitoring done later if we change our mind.
  • An alarm that has mobile notification for any change to system and ability to remotely arm, disarm by mobile phone
  • Connected to home fire sprinkler system to get immediate notification if sprinkler is activated.
  • One keypad is enough, better if touch screen with good user interface, and maybe (not necessary to connect to Amazon Echo, Alexa or Google Home.
  • Front door bell with video and 2-way communication to my mobile phone when someone is identified at front door.
  • I am installing surveillance camera. Like with door ringer, should it be connected or a separate system?
    *It would be great to control lights and one door lock.

I don’t know if I am asking for too much, while asking to keep the user interface intuitive and easy to manage. Any suggestions would be very appreciated!


One must for smart homes: ensure all electric runs, even switch legs, are 3-wire (hot, neutral, ground).

Another thing to do if you can: wired-in contact sensors for windows and doors. Battery replacement is a drag.