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@TAustin @krlaframboise We have added back in some helper params to make using channels less verbose and more like the “self-published” driver flow. You can now specify a channel and hub in the package command so that the driver is “packaged”, “assigned to a channel”, and “installed to a hub” all in one command. The command would look like

smartthings edge:drivers:package --channel <channel-id> --hub <hubId>

You can also use the --assign and --install params and the CLI will prompt you to select a channel and hub. You can see additional examples here

Make sure you pull in the latest CLI version to get these changes.

The “self-published” flow as it was is unlikely to return, but let us know if there is anything we can do to make using channels easier.


Thanks much for the update, Caleb. During iterative development, the channels stuff just adds steps to both creation and deletion that have no value, but between this helper and setting up bash files to automate things, the nuisance factor is minimized. :+1:t3:

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Late night thought: the icon in the mobile app that indicates when a device is offline needs to be something other than the current ‘slashed cloud’ default when it is an edge device. :smirk:

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