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That has been around for a little while now.
I can see that it is implementing the same functionality as the virtual switch and virtual dimmer DTHs. I can only speculate wildly beyond that. The Virtual Device type clearly supports local execution so maybe that is how the local implementation will be done and it is the first of several. It has to be the first because the Virtual Switch is a stock DTH and needs a migration path.

The virtual devices that have crept into the CLI seem to be, so far, just like wrappers for capabilities. The standard set are all single capabilities and the custom ones are multiple single capabilities. If there are setter or enum commands in the capabilities, which by definition set particular attributes, it seems like they will work. However if there aren’t then it isn’t yet clear how they will be used in practice. Events can be created with the API but how does that map to Rules and the mobile app?

It isn’t clear if they will allow for more complex mappings of commands across capabilities.

Actually nothing is clear about them at all. I am sure we will find out in time.

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thanks. will keep watching to see what develops!

Not sure if this is helpful or not, but here is how I use TAustin’s virtual driver, a switch in my case.

I have an Echo 4 which has Ultrasound Motion Detection.
I have Alexa routines that turn the virtual switch on or off depending on whether it detects someone is present.

Our couch light normally turns off at 11:00 PM.

I have a routine on the SmartThings side that is active from 11:00 PM to 12:30 AM which checks the virtual switch that is updated from the Echo 4.
If the switch is “on” the couch light is turned back on at 25% brightness.
If the switch is “off”, the couch light is turned off/remains off.

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thank you!

The second relay on one of my Qubino Flush 2 modules stopped working… I excluded/included the module and it turned up as two devices - “Qubino Switch 1”, type=“ZWAVE”, and “Qubino Switch 2”, type=“EDGE_CHILD”. “Qubino Switch 1” points to #2’s Id as “Child Devices” and the child’s parentDeviceId points to #1.

This means it’s no longer necessary to use virtual switches and routines to access the second relay…

Is this a new model for multi-element Z-Wave modules? Will old implementations continue to work as before? Searching the documentation for EDGE_CHILD turns up nothing.

(The driver came from my up-to-date fork of the Github repo for metering-switch which may or may not have been pushed to the Beta channel.)

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Tagging @Automated_House , who has been tracking this issue

Yeah, there’s been a flurry of activity recently in the official SmartThings Edge GitHub to convert most (all?) of the switch edge drivers to use child devices instead of multi component devices. I think the Qubino driver was one of the first to hit beta channel. I believe they also updated the official SDK with version 45 to support this.

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Yes, those libraries were added and are finalized.
However, as a reference for devs, you’re free to use them but, we cannot guarantee they’re stable for others’ use.

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hi a couple of my zigbee devices are going offline the ones using the zigbee contact sensor driver .
is anyone else noticing the same

Today’s hub update 45.11 should stabilise things.

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My Evohome died a few weeks ago both with SmartThings and ifttt.
I contacted Resideo their new owners and they are bloody useless. Their advice was to call a registered installer.
When i managed to explain what was wrong and ger an actual answer they said Evohome does not and will not support smartthings. Only Resideo products will. Problem is you cant add Evohome to their new Resideo platform.
I aksed further questions and got told to contact a local installer.
I spoke to no less than 3 of their local installers. None of which support the product because of poor service!

I asked Resideo again. I got no reply

Im unable to sign up to edge drivers, using any invitation link just gets me to a page where a circle is spinning.

Ive tried different browsers, devices, rebooted routers and hub, cleared cache and what not. What is the cause of this?
It was working before but I factory restored my hub and now nothing works.

Thank you!

Can you fix my account too please? I have the same issue

Hi, @Dixon.

I replied to you in this new thread: [Edge Drivers] Cannot enter Driver Channel invitation

Let’s continue our conversation to support you there, please.

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I have been testing BOSE edge driver and noticed that it doesn’t update ON/OFF status of the music player. you have to refresh it manually by pulling screen down on the app.

Anyone could help with that ? thank you David

I’m sorry to bring back a two years answer, but I’m facing similar problem and I wish I could soon reinstall all the channels I was subscribed to. I always get a loading wheel or a "you do not have permission to access the required invitation.

Short story I had old DTH and edge on my hub and old things I didn’t know if useful or not, so I reseted my hub. Talking to support for a week and they transfered my support to engineers. Never heard of them since.might you share how you did resolve this problem with the other users here?

Thanks again

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I have several Fibaro motion sensors FGMS-001 and one of them is updated automatic by Samsungs migration, to Smartthings zwave sensor.

Fingerprint for the automatic migrated is:
zw:Ss type:0701 mfr:010F prod:0801 model:1002 ver:3.03 zwv:4.24 lib:03 cc:5E,86,72,59,80,73,56,22,31,98,7A sec:5A,85,84,71,8E,70,30,9C,20

Other Fibaro sensors have other fingerprint, and do not contain all the setting parameters when manually excluded and included.
zw:S type:2001 mfr:010F prod:0800 model:1001 ver:2.08 zwv:3.67 lib:03 cc:30,84,85,80,8F,56,72,86,70,8E,31,9C

Can both fingerprints be added to Smartthings zwave sensor, as both fingerprints are the Fibaro FGMS-001?

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Hi @Kina500

In the fingerprints on the zwave-sensor driver you can see that there’s one including mfr:010F prod:0800 which should accept your device, is that what are you referring to?