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Just to make it clear, all of the Edge drivers here (on the channel) are stock/standard drivers, meaning we don’t have to install ANY of those prior to 30/09 transition, right?

The drivers in the invitation shared above, belong to the beta channel. If your devices use stock DTH by default (this means that they get paired with them and you didn’t select that specific device type in the IDE), they will be migrated by the engineering team.
Here’s more info about the devices’ transition, there are different options depending on each device’s situation.


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I’ve confirmed one of my monoprice multi-sensors is not covered by the z-wave sensor edge driver fingerprint set. On installation, it continues to default to the “AEON Multipurpose Sensor” DTH - which works fine.

Is this the right thread to request adding support for the device?

Its fingerprint info is: zw:S type:2001 mfr:0109 prod:2002 model:0203 ver:4.84 zwv:3.52 lib:06 cc:71,85,80,72,30,86,31,70,84


@georgeh Some of monoprice devices are covered by stock driver, some of them have wrong profile and some are not. Recessed door/window sensor works fine, Garage door (tilt) sensor has temperature capability in it’s profile, even that device doesn’t. 4in1 works fine.
It could be that they are using generic profiles
None of monoprice devices have settings in stock driver(s).
I am pretty sure that @RBoy will come up with custom drivers soon

Do you know which stock edge driver should be used for the monoprice recessed door/window sensor? I tried disconnecting/reconnecting and it did not seem to work. Do I need to install oe of the ZmartThings Edge drivers?

It is SmartThings Z-wave Sensor driver, and yes you have to install the driver from their channel

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Hi, @georgeh

I cannot find the DTH with the name “AEON Multipurpose Sensor”, there’s only one called “Aeon Multisensor”.
Is that the value you see assigned in the field “type” in the IDE? I mean this one:

If so, it would seem you have a custom DTH registered there, can you check, please?

Also, is your device similar to this one? The product type ID (2002) is the same but not the model (0203).

Correct (my bad, a typo), IDE type field is indeed “Aeon Multisensor”.

I do not think this is a custom DTH, rather one of the available stock DTHs. (I rechecked my IDE and no corresponding custom driver exists.)

The actual physical device is cosmetically similar to the one you referenced, but they do appear to be different models. I have a several of the Monoprice multisensors; this particular one (0203) and some of their model 0205 – but none of the model 0202. I know 0203 behaves a bit differently from the 0205 model… my 0205 model currently uses the stock DTH “Z-Wave Plus Motion/Temp Sensor”, but that did not work properly on the 0203. The Aeon Multisensor DTH does seem to work fine for me on my 0203.

For the Monoprice 15268 (Vision) recessed door/window sensor (0109-2022-2201) SmartThings assigned the “contact-battery-tamperalert” Edge driver from the “SmartThings Drivers (Beta)” channel without any problem. Similarly the Monoprice 15270 Door/Window sensor (0109-2001-0106) got the “base-contact” driver from the same channel.

I don’t see this driver in the SmartThings Drivers (Beta) channel. The only contact there is zigbee. Anyway, the Z-wave sensor @milandjurovic71 pointed me to seems to work. Thanks.

Indeed - mine was not. But since a working stock DTH for it does exist I am hoping that ST will add support to their generic edge driver per my request.

The driverId is d58d8432-ea22-4d38-8300-2bd75fdf1358 - it’s “Z-Wave Sensor” in the “SmartThings Drivers (Beta)” channel. Sorry about my confusing suggestion before - I have a lot to learn.

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Hi, @georgeh

I am Andres, a member of the Developr Support team.

We are taking a look into this. We will keep you updated.

Thanks. Just an update FYI, I’ve recently hacked a copy of the Zooz 4-in-1 edge sensor and am now using it on the device (by adding the devices’ fingerprints to a local copy of the driver I tweaked).
I tried using the AEON Multisensor in same way, but it did not behave well (motion inactive delays on the order of 20minutes), but the Zooz seems to work well (other than a bogus luminance tile since that feature is not supported on the monoprice device). It would still be nice to have a viable stock edge driver though.

Hi - I’m an end user, not a developer, trying to find what will be an officially supported Edge driver that can be used instead of the bjpierron Simulated Alexa switch that will be going away with the transition. I have installed the Smartthings Drivers (Beta) channel as well as the Virtual Switch driver, but I cannot figure out how to create a device with the driver. Would appreciate direction f someone knows what to do. Also, will these drivers automatically transition to GA versions from Beta or will I have to to do something to change when they become “official”, Thanks!

There are several community-Created edge drivers for virtual devices that work well to trigger Alexa routines and to otherwise substitute for the bjPierron DTH.

You can find them on the quick browse lists in the community-created wiki and look for the list for virtual devices.

If you have any further questions, just ask in the author thread for the edge driver you are working with. :sunglasses: