Prevent losing access to your devices due the month limitation check

So each time I try to use the smarthings I already lost access to it due the inactivity. Seems after a month or something of not using they unpair or do something preventing you to have access to your devices.

I don’t care if this is enforcing anti competitive behavior or security measure or whatever, doesn’t make sense for me.

So now I’m searching a way to counter this behavior, maybe by automatically using the device at least once a week. Let’s say, turn tv on and off… I’m assuming more people have already done something like that, thats why I came here, to know if anyone is aware about a project or something to do this already.

Currently all i have is just my tv Q80AA 55 TV no smarthings hug and a couple of Philips hue lamps with a philips hub to which i never use by smarthings, cause i have google home or philips app…
but if it works turning one of them on and off to keep the service working…

brand/model of these devices?
do you have a hub, if so… which one?

hopefully other community members can step in… I need to leave for awhile.

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I’ve updated the post.
But I wonder if you actually need to know which devices I have to do what I was trying. Cause in my perspective, even if we send an invalid request to the API or a valid request with an unknown device, it should reset their timer from their side right? Its just a ping.

And probably would be even better cause you wouldn’t risk things like to gone wrong… like… you turn the light on, but the request to turn it off failed for some reason and in the end of the month your eletric bill would spike… while if its a device that doesn’t exist you would never have that risk.

FWIW, I’ve never heard anyone else in the community report this problem. I suspect most people here who use smartthings use it more than once a month anyway, so they wouldn’t run into it. That doesn’t mean other customers don’t encounter it, of course. :thinking:

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Yea, but it happen to me too much, I was just to making my goovee lights turn on when tv is on, turn them off when tv is off, “suddenly”(because i don’t use it often) they stop working no idea why, then i went to the app and there it is… they unpair it or something. You can imagine after a day work, when you just want to enjoy watching something… not being able to have your stuff working properly after you already configure everything its really annoying

They actually talk about this in the home bridge plugin to connect to the tv through ios Home app

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