Prevent execution interruptions for a handler routine

I have a smartapp with two handler routines. One of them seems to interrupt the other. Is there a way to disable interrupts while running a particular handler function?


Handler1 (run when door open):
For all thermostats, set temperature to 75

Handler2 (run when temperature changes):
Do something

I have two thermostats in the system. Here is the sequence of events… Door opens --> Handler1 starts --> Sets thermostat 1 temperature. But before it sets thermostat2 temperature, thermostat1 finishes setting its temperature and handler2 runs. So thermostat2 never gets set.

First of all, this surprised me since I thought each handler would run on a different instance and so not interrupt each other.

Secondly, is there a way to run handler1 without interruption?

I could not find any good documentation of this.


Turns out this wasn’t the problem. Not sure there was any interruption at all. On further research, it seems to me different handlers do get called independently and do NOT interrupt each other.