Presence Sensors in New Application

My wife has a new Samsung Note 5G and when she arrives it will sense her location arrival and take the appropriate arrival actions. Then most of the time it automatically will show here leaving immediately even though she is most likely walking into the house and definitely has not departed.

Any insight to what might be causing this would be appreciated.

The New App location service is kinda jacked up right now. I created a Virtual Presence Sensor to mirror arriving and departing of my phone so I could log the history. Start there. You can build a delay in for departing to eliminate or reduce the false departures.

If real presence stays away for 1 minute then change virtual to away.

Agree with the jacked up portion of it. As in your suggestion I had created a virtual switch to track the coming and going of the device. Here is an example of the history.

As you can see the leave and at 8:34 this morning and then the arrive and leave at the same time. Yes jacked up. I am wondering if the phone is connecting to the Wifi which causes this. Just a guess - anyway thanks for your thoughts.

Hopefully they are working to stabilize location services.

Just run away from ST presence. I have tried many solutions with multiple virtual devices, ST presence and cell.
Since it all 'got broke" I have nothing but success with Life360.

My wife’s iPhone works perfect with mobile presence. My SAMSUNG S20 is buggy so I use life360. Funny that Samsung’s own devices have more issues than an iPhone. I get the arrived/departed and then arrived all when I actually arrive at home. The last ARRIVED happens sometimes right away but has also happened 10-15 min after. No clue. Was hoping to get rid of Life 360 but I guess I’ll keep it.

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