Presence Sensor (Phone) Question

So, unlike most, my phones have been extremely reliable as presence sensors. Everyone in the house has had and used Galaxy S series phones (S7+, S8+, and currently S9+). Our children (Adults) have been out of the house for several years. Recently, one had to move back in (long story). He also has an S9+ which is working well also since we added as a user him using the classic app.

The question is, when I was reviewing activity, I noticed that his sensor not only shows arriving and departed, but also shows “inside”. Neither my wife’s phone or mine does this. I cannot see any difference in the presence sensor types. They are all listed as “Mobile Presence”. Just curious as to why the older ones are not showing “inside” and the newer one is? Anyone have any clues on this? (I would contact support, but I’d love an actual answer… support has not been very “supportive” lately.)

I think that has to do with connecting to wifi. Someone mentioned you can set your default wifi network in your Samsung account information and that’s what SmartThings uses to determine “inside”.

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Is that in the classic app? Or the overall account information? I am not seeing in the classic app or the samsung account settings anywhere.

Not totally sure since I don’t have an Android phone. It’s not in the classic app. Either the new app or directly in Samsung account management.

I changed my pressence type to
Mobile Presence Occupancy and is shows the same exec I’m inside when connected to my parents Wi-Fi any one know where the setting is to change the default home?

I’m curious about this too. Presence on my S8+ works flawlessly and shows [away, left, inside, arrived]. My wife’s phone (S7+) however is extremely unreliable, barely updates and only shows arrived/left.

Anyone know how to change the settings to allow more granular view and hopefully fix her phone presence issue?