Presence Sensor (Life360) Notifications via Text Help

I am a new ST user and really just taking it slow and understanding all the nuances. My first project was to setup presence sensors using Life360. I was able to do the initial work successfully., ST showing if the person was present (home) or not present (out of the house/defined area).

The next part was send text notification when someone left or came home. I used the new app to do this with IFTT. Setup was a breeze I thought. I put my number in as well as the wife’s for notification. Testing is when the issue started. I would receive the text but my wife would not. Next to her number under recipients it has a bubble with 3 dots and when clicked says “Can’t send messages to this recipient. This recipient hasn’t responded to our declined the request to agree to receive text messages from ST. This recipient won’t get any text messages until they agree”.

Checking my wife’s text, she never received anything from ST. We both have iPhones and same carrier.I deleted and recreated the automation but still having the same issue. I get texts and she doesn’t. My wife does not have the ST app but I wouldn’t think this would be an issue.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Users with US phone numbers can text YES to 844-647 to opt in at any time

Perfect! Thanks so much

My wife and I also use Life360 as presence sensors and we both receive texts messages when we are both not home or if one of us arrives… but we don’t use IFTTT… I suggest you use Webcore for that. It’s not that difficult to setup this type of notification (in Webcore) and you’re not hopping from one-cloud service to another which makes things a lot more reliable and a lot quicker. I only use IFTTT if I really really need too! Because I use Life360 presence for automating our home alarm and other things… reliability and speed is really important! I say speed because I need to ensure that when we return home, the system knows where home before we open the door so alarms don’t go off. Some times I get long delays when I use IFTTT… but not with webcore!

I will see if I can get this Webcore working on my own, may need to reach back out for help. Thanks for the tips.